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Who We Are

Craft products, natural materials, made entirely in Italy.

Art is passion, without passion there is no life, without life there is no creation.

Our project has as its core, protagonists of our entrepreneurial history, people with disabilities.

In RE.LEG.ART., Tenacity, love, commitment, imagination, perseverance and expertise have always given original and refined productions.

Particular attention is given both to the choice of materials of natural origin and to the careful attention to detail and finishing.

RE.LEG.ART continues to have as its main purpose the employment of disabled people and reveals how useful it is to offer job opportunities to better explain each person's abilities even if they are "different".

Seeing these guys work methodically, guys who care to know that their work was useful and that this makes them happy, makes us think.


Buying on RELEGART means commitment for the disadvantaged. Quality and Responsibility!


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Different for strength, different for choice.

Seeing a small stream turning into a river, observing a match and comparing it with a large fire produced by him, generates such a sensation as to be understood only by those who were its creators. The national and international fairs in which they take part have turned out to be real breaths of oxygen for the market of their artisanal products coming from hands rich in experience and expertise that have transformed so much human warmth into what they realize. The acrid smell of processed leather is softened by the smell of the love with which the object is produced. Anyone can "caress" their products and feel the energy that has been purposely buried in them.

Handmade in Italy

RE.LEG.ART. is certified as a qualified company for the production of MADE IN ITALY since 1993 and uses high quality leathers certified with the trademark of the Tuscan Consortium of Natural Tanned Leather. At the company COOP RE.LEG.ART Srl was granted a contribution on the funds “POR FESR Umbria 2014 - 2020 - 3.3.1 - New tools to promote the internationalization processes of Umbrian SMEs - VOUCHER PUBLIC NOTICE FOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES - 2018” for the realization of the internationalization project: promotion on foreign web markets and e- commerce.


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