Art is passion, without passion there is no life, without life there is no creation.

In RE.LEG.ART. social cooperative ONLUS, based in Perugia, there is amazing vitality, within only 30 years has reached goals and targets that until recently it was "madness" to hope. A small team of people, mostly with disabilities, works with enterpreneurial zeal, without stopping. 

Tenacy, Love, Enthusiasm, Immagination, Perseverance and Ability brought to a new production always much more perfect

RE.LEG.ART ONLUS continues to have as its main objective the succssful insertion of individuals with disabilities in working environments. We seek to show how useful it is offer job opportunities to explain the most of each person's skills even if "different."
See these craftsmen work  with method and constancy, it's clear that craft work is useful for some to stay happy; this is a cause for reflection

Oh happy diversity! A balance against the ambition orf some who believe themselves superior to others.

To see a small stream become river; to observe a match and compare it with the great fire that it produces, generates a sensation that can be understood, perhaps, only by one who  create. The national and international craft fairs in wich they  participate have proven to be  a salvationh for this handmade products from the hands of rich in such experience and skill that they have transfused, in each object that they realize, the human warmth. The sharp aroma of worked leather in sweetened by the perfume of  love (yes! Because even love has distinct smell) with which each product is realized. Anyone can "caress" their products and feel the energy given off which they are impregnated.
RE.LEG.ART. It is certified as a company qualified to produce Made in Italy since 1993 and uses high quality skins certified under the brand name of Tuscan Consortium of the Natural Tanned Leather.


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