While trying to carry out our project with the work done by us and our children, a daily work, production, the current conditions of the domestic and international markets do not give us the confidence to cope with all the economic costs that an activity business, it is also a social and charitable nature requires.
Sometimes we have to ask for a hand to make sure that these kids can still have a place of work and human and social fulfillment.
Sometimes we have to ask you for help ...

You can donate what you want, when you want, IF you like!

The bank details for your donations are:

RE.LEG.ART Coop.Soc. a M.P
IBAN:    IT91B0200803027000029460967

  • IL MIO DONO, the virtual platform where we support the meeting between the non-profit organizations and all those who want to help out in this area by offering concrete help.

    ilMioDono.it offers you a chance to:

    find the organizations that present their initiatives
    choose to donate online, by one or more projects, easily and with security guaranteed by UniCredit
    find information to give, without fees, at over 4,000 agencies UniCredit
    update you on initiatives


To donate to RE.LEG.ART you can donate your 5x1000 when the tax return indicating on the form the TAX CODE 01215150549

The target of 5 per thousand IRPEF are voluntary organizations and non-profit social utility (Onlus), associations of social promotion, professional sports associations and other associations and / or foundations recognized that operate in the areas referred to 'art. 10, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 460/97, the support of the social activities of the municipality of residence. Funding may also be in support of scientific and university research; of health research, and the financing of activities that protect or promote the cultural heritage and landscape.

The taxpayer may allocate the proportion of 5 per thousand of his income tax relating to the tax year 2013, affixing the signature in one of four special boxes appearing on the declaration models. You can have only one choice of destination.

The taxpayer may also indicate the tax code of the specific subject which seeks to target directly the 5 per thousand, making the tax code itself from the published lists.

As a result of the so-called decree on competitiveness (DL n. 35 of 2005), individuals and entities subject to IRES, in particular companies and commercial and non-commercial entities, can be deduced from the total income, in the income tax declaration, donations in cash or in kind provided in favor of NPIs.
The reference standards are different depending on whether the lender subject is a natural person or an entity that produces business income. In particular:

for individuals

* Compete deductions (gross tax) of 19% of the amount donated provided for by paragraph 1.1 of Article 15 of the Uniform Tax Code, if donations (for amounts not exceeding € 2,065.83) are carried out by individuals not VAT registered or simple societies referred to in Article 5 of the FCA;

* This reduction is responsible if the payment of disbursements to be made by bank or post office, using the payment systems provided for by article 23 of the 241/1997 Decree (debit, credit and prepaid cards, bank checks and drafts : in this case the statement of account has received value).

* Remember to save your postal receipt and / or bank of your donation.

* As an alternative to the deduction natural persons wishing to make cash donations towards the non-profit organization can be inferred when the tax return from their income, according to Article 14 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree n.35 / 2005 Conv. in Act No.80 / 2005, for an amount not exceeding 10% of the total declared income and the maximum of 70.000 euro per year.

for enterprises

* Compete deductions (by income) provided by the letter h (Onlus) of paragraph 2 of Article 100 of the Uniform Tax Code, if donations (not exceeding € 2,065.83 or 2% of business income) are put in place by parties that produce business income and therefore typically natural persons VAT registered, the capital companies. For this deduction can be carried out without making special arrangements.



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